Monday, April 19, 2010

Talking Point 10

Education in Politics
By: Ira Shor

1. "A curriculum that does not challenge the standard syllabus and conditions in society informs the students that knowledge and the world are fixed and fine the way they are with, no role for students to play in transforming them, or no need for change."

-I really liked that quote and i found it very true. If students are not challenged then they believe that the world and schools are okay the way they are; when they are really not. There is always room for improvement in the curriculums and students should be aware of that and encouraged to change society.

2. "Participation is the most important place to begin because student involvement is low in traditional classrooms and because action is essential to gain knowledge and develop intelligence."
-I find this quote to definitely be true. I think participation is very important in a class and helps to understand the topics that are being discussed in class. I agree with this quote so much because i am experience the importance of participating in this fned class.

3. "While a participatory classroom cannot transform society by itself, it can offer students a critical education of high quality, an experience of democratic learning, and positive feelsing towards intellectual life."
-I thought this statement was powerful. It shows how participation and class discussions can really impact a student.

I thought this article was a good one to read. I liked the beginning when the author was talking about students and the syllabus; and whether students take part in the form of the syllabus or not. I find it helpful to see what the goals of a class are and how the class is going to work out. It is good to look forward to some events and assignments in class. I feel that the syllabus of a class is inportant and something that all students take consider to pay attention to in order to gain knowledge from the class. Another part of the article that i enjoyed was all of the questions that were asked. I liked reading a few of the questions at a time and then going back and answering them to myself. i thought it was interesting to answer the questions and then relating them back to my personal experience in school. I also liked the section where they talked about participating in class. This is the first class i have really been involved with when it comes to speaking out loud a lot during class. My other classes have never really had a rule when there was a requirement to talk during every class. At first i thought it was going to be a horrible semester because of the participation points and now it really doesnt even bother me at all! I thought this piece was important to read considering that i will be a future. It gave a lot of questions for me to consider and some outlooks on helping me become the best teacher that i can be.


  1. I and several others i think will agree with the participation quote. I used it aswell and completley believe that it is a huge part in the learning and understanding of topics covered in class.

  2. I liked your second quote and I also think that participation is important.