Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Blog 2

For my second random blog, i have been wanting to post about the worksheet incident that happened in class a few days ago. When i recieved the worksheet, i of course thought that it was definitely something different, but i didnt think to not do it. After we finished the worksheet i found the discussion very interesting. The majority of the class did not like sitting there doing the worksheet on the Oakes reading. Only myself and a handful of other students didnt mind doing the worksheet because we found it as a an organizing activity. However, when Dr. bogad explained why we were doing the activity, everything became much more clear. It was showing us what type of teachers that we shouldnt be. The majority of students do not like sitting there doing handouts because they feel like they arent learning and that it is busy work. Dr. Bogad showed us how much more we lean by doing group work and interacting with other students and sharing all of our ideas with one another. Doing a worksheet does not give you the same interaction and experience. A worksheet once in a while is okay to be used as practice material. I now realize that worksheets are not the best way to teach or learn something new.
After this happened in class, during my service learning project the next week, i automatically reflected back on the whole worksheet idea. The teacher was passing out worksheets to the students as soon as they walked through the dorr. The class is always rowdy and never wants to do their work; but now i can see what part of the problem is. They are constantly doing worksheets everyyyyy single time i am there. They have a few worksheets to do then usually one or two workbook pages. no wonder why the students cannot focus and do not want to do their work. They have to sit there every class and just do independant work immediately after they are taught a new lesson. Giving students worksheets everyday are not very beneficial. The worksheet incident in class and then seeing it first hand at my service learning project definitely have been great examples. These examples show me some different strategies and outlooks and what type of teacher i want to be.

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