Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talking Point 7

Gender and Education Research

While researching gender and education for the year 2010, there was not too much information regarding the subject. A lot of the info was not recent. However, while reading over this particular website about gender gap and colleges, i was not surprised with the statistics. It was reported that in 2010 and past years, that the college split between women and men is 57% to 43%. Last semester i took a class on gender inequality and although many subjects have to do with favoring men, in this case, women have a higher percentage. There are more women in college than men. When it comes to college graduation, women also have the higher stats, and i would assume this would also be true for high school graduation as well. There was a lot of the same information about the college gap and little focus on early education.
When it comes to boys and girls in education, the two genders have always been stereotyped. Boys are favored towards science and math, while girls tend towards english and history. This website, MSNBC, shows the myths about girls when it comes to math and science. To summarize, 5 myths are given about girls saying that when it comes to boys liking science and math, there are just as many girls too. another myth that is stated says that girls are less interested in science in elementary school, which is not true.

This UNICEF website shows many graphs comparing the gender gap in the different continents. The wensite concentrates on gender equity and empowerment of women in education.

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  1. I also see this at my service learning. I know you are tutoring at a higher grade level but I am tutoring at first grade and they are learning at 6-7 years of age what my daughter was taught at 4. And the behavior is reinforced by punishment just as described in this article.