Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Post 1

i figured i would write a random post besides the regular talking points. so im pretty much gonna talk about a few random things!!-well im taking the ppst in 2 weeks and i am kind of nervous! hopefully i am well enough prepared and do not have to take any of the parts over again! i am also taking the tech comp exam in a couple of weeks as well...i am not as nervous about that because it seems like, from what we have talked about in class, that it will not be that long as i review all of the components i should be fine! i am definitely looking forward to spring break...but who isnt? haha...i have been enjoying my semester though...i do like my classes and this fned course has really opened my eyes...i really enjoy the class discussions and considering everyone elses opinions on important topics...well thats pretty much all i have to say so im gonna go heat up some pizza and watch some tv :) until next timeeeeee...

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